Song parody for adolescents with cancer

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Song parody for adolescents with cancer


Cancer treatment can be extremely stressful during adolescence, which is regarded as a period of searching for personal identity: striving for personal control and perceived invulnerability to illness and death. This article examines some of the challenges facing adolescents undergoing cancer treatment in hospital and provides an overview of necessary interventions for these patients. Music therapy literature supports the use of compositional methods to address the unique psychosocial needs of adolescents with cancer. A case study is presented, which demonstrates that song parody can assist an adolescent in adjusting to cancer and treatment.


Keywords: song parody; song writing; adolescents; cancer


Ledger, A. (2001). Song parody for adolescents with cancer. Australian Journal of Music Therapy, 12, 21-28.

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Date published: July 2001