Music therapy and motherhood

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Music therapy and motherhood


This paper discusses some of the potential applications of music therapy as a medium of preventative medicine and personal growth for mothers. Society's construction of the state of motherhood is briefly discussed, as are some of the properties of music, and the ways in which these properties may assist a woman in motherhood and in her continued growth as a human being. In particular the ability of music to bring people together, and to develop creativity, spontaneity and provide nurturance are examined, concentrating on a woman's early experience of motherhood: pregnancy, childbirth, and the preschool years. Finally some conclusions are drawn about the types of interventions possible.

Keywords: Music therapy, mother, motherhood


Bruinsma, R. (1995). Music therapy and motherhood. Australian Journal of Music Therapy, 6, 19-34.

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Date published: July 1995