GIM during pregnancy: Anticipation and resolution

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GIM during pregnancy: Anticipation and resolution


Studies of the use of music therapy during pregnancy have largely concentrated on the time immediately surrounding childbirth itself. The present study focuses on an 8-session Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) series with a single client over a period of 13 weeks. This multigravida multiparous woman used GIM to address goals of enhanced relaxation, adjustment to pregnancy, bonding to the child, and resolution of a previous ectopic pregnancy. In this article, Imagery and music relating to these goals is discussed and interpreted. In particular, the grief process stemming from an earlier ectopic pregnancy and its subsequent resolution is outlined. Thus, in the final session in this series, the client was able to let go of the image of the previous "child", and become increasingly emotionally open to the new child she was carrying, a situation which suggested a positive outcome for bonding to this new child. This GIM series during pregnancy was clearly beneficial to the client, and it is suggested that further studies should be initiated in this area.

Keywords: Music therapy, Guided Imagery and Music, pregnancy


Short, A. (1993). GIM during pregnancy: Anticipation and resolution. Australian Journal of Music Therapy, 4, 7-18.

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Date published: July 1993