Case study: Guided imagery and music

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Case study: Guided imagery and music


This case study outlines the use of Guided Imagery and Music as the treatment modality with a single woman in her mid-fifties. The client was referred by a psychiatrist after a month’s hospitalisation, where her diagnosis was: “Acute anxiety – depression— suicidal ideation”. The client had a long history of anxiety and periodic depression episodes. A background history of the client is presented, followed by a review of significant gains over a series of thirty G.I.M. sessions. The Client’s imagery experiences during one particular selection of music are traced through its use in several different sessions. This case study illustrates that Guided Imagery and Music was therapeutic in helping this client achieve some of her personal goals.

Keywords: Guided Imagery and Music, music therapy, case study


Holligan, S. F. (1992). Case study: Guided imagery and music. Australian Journal of Music Therapy, 3, 45-51.

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Date published: July 1992