Professional Indemnity Insurance

AMTA announces new Member Benefit exclusive to RMTs - Professional Indemnity and Public and Products Liability Insurance

We are pleased to announce that BMS Risk Solutions Pty Ltd (BMS) is offering an insurance program exclusive to AMTA members.  BMS has brought a member centric perspective to the design and delivery of its insurance program, which will result in immediate and long term benefits to AMTA members.

AMTA’s members now have access to an insurance program designed specifically for Registered Music Therapists. Members will benefit from increased value and improved services, including exclusive access to additional business-related products that can be purchased through BMS.

How do I purchase the Policy?

Stay tuned!! We will shortly be sending further information to our Registered Music Therapist members detailing policy prices and how to purchase Professional Indemnity and Public and Products Liability Insurance via BMS

Who is BMS?

BMS is a Lloyd’s broker and has several global teams, including in Melbourne and Ottawa, dedicated to providing coverage, and value-added services to associations and its members.

The Australian and Canadian operations provide coverage to more than 400,000 healthcare and regulated professionals through 70+ associations across Australia and Canada.

This experience gives BMS a unique insight and ability to create and deliver significantly enhanced and continuously evolving member centric insurance programs. This includes ensuring broad, market-leading coverage, evidence-based risk management and exceptional member service.

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Registered Music Therapists working in Australia should ensure that they are covered by professional indemnity insurance. 

Professional indemnity insurance is an insurance that protects businesses from legal action taken against them if someone suffers a loss after following that business’s professional advice or as a result of receiving their service (, May 2019).

The Australian Music Therapy Association Inc. does not provide this cover as part of registration with the association.

Appropriate levels of cover may require one or more arrangements to provide professional indemnity insurance for Registered Music Therapist’s. Some considerations in relation to this insurance may include:

  • Areas of practice

  • Locations of practice

  • Work environments including: private practice, non-government and/or public sector

  • Modes of practice, including any combination of full-time, part-time, self-employed, or employed.

Professional indemnity insurance cover may be:

  • Provided within the insurance of the employing institution

  • Included as a benefit of union membership

  • Purchased as an individual professional indemnity insurance policy.

The Insurance Council of Australia advises that products vary between companies, and it is essential to always read Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) before purchasing cover. There is no one product that is appropriate for everyone and individual levels of risk need to be considered to ensure an appropriate product is chosen (

It is a recommendation of the Australian Music Therapy Association Inc. that Registered Music Therapists, who undertake any form of music therapy practice, review their professional indemnity insurance (PII) cover arrangements. 

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Approval: AMTA Inc. Board, May 2019. Last Reviewed: May 2019