Membership - RMT New Grads

If you are currently enrolled in a course that is accredited by AMTA™, on completion of your studies you are eligible to apply for registration. New graduates must be current student members of AMTA™. If graduates are not current members they will need to apply for membership on submission of their application.

There are three valuable benefits for applying for registration immediately on successful completion of your Music Therapy course:

  • Fast track to registration. Because the course has been accredited and as a new graduate you are presumed to have therefore successfully completed that course, there is no need to review qualifications so closely.
  • Provisional registration whilst the application is being processed.  This enables the applicant to practice as a music therapist before the formal RMT status has been awarded (Awarded to Graduates who apply before 31 March after graduation)
  • If you are a Student Member of AMTA™ you also qualify for a reduced application fee of $205.00 instead of $390.00



There is one intake date ONLY for students who finish their course at the end of semester 2 who want to obtain immediate 'Provisional RMT Status'. See below for further details:

1 December - 31 March  - Provisional status will be granted for student members of AMTA™ who send in their application for registration before this date. They will be processed upon receipts and will automatically receive Provisional RMT status.

1 April - 30 June  - Student graduates who apply for registration after March 31st will NOT be granted provisional RMT status. The application process could take up to 4-6 weeks. 

1 July - 30 November - Student graduates who apply for registration after 30 June in the new financial year and within 12 month of course completion (prior to 30 November) will NOT be granted provisional RMT status. The application process could take up to 4-6 weeks. All graduates are required to pay the student membership fee + the registration fee. Applications received after 30 November will have go through an alternative registration process.

Note: all other applications for membership do not have to comply with these intake dates.  All other applications are assessed on an ad hoc basis as received.

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