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There are two main pathways to becoming a Registered Music Therapist: completing an Australian accredited course, or completing an equivalent international course.


I have completed an Australian accredited course:

RMT New Graduate Application: Student members of AMTA™ applying for RMT status within 12 months of completing their course. Applications must be submitted by 30 November the year following graduation for application process. Learn more.

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RMT Application or Re-registration: Graduates who did not apply for RMT status within 12 months of completing their course / OR re-registration of a lapsed RMT. Learn more.

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I have completed an equivalent international course:

if you wish to become a Registered Music Therapist, which is the status most employers require, then you will need to undertake the following:

  • Complete the AMTA competency standards form.
  • Submit a copy of the syllabus of the music therapy course that you completed. Please note this must be in English, so please translate if it’s in another language. If possible, also provide a web link to the syllabus.
  • Submit an original or certified copy of the result transcript(s) of your completed music therapy course(s).
  • Submit a current resumé detailing qualifications, employment and the experience you have gained in music therapy and other relevant areas of work.
  • Submit letters of support from three referees. These referees will need to provide firsthand knowledge of your work, character and other relevant information in relation to the main competency standards. The referees must have known you and to have observed your work over at least one year immediately preceding the date of your registration application. These referees will need to be willing to give further confidential information about your character and work if requested. Referees may send their letters of support directly to AMTA if you or they prefer.

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