Membership - Membership Renewals

All members of AMTA™ are required to renew their membership annually to maintain their membership status. RMTs must renew to maintain their registration status. Renewals are due on 1 July of each year and are completed via the online membership portal (a personalised link to the portal is sent in May each year).

If your renewal isn’t paid promptly then late fees will apply on 1 September. If you are an RMT and fail to renew, then you will lose your registration status and will need to re-apply. Re-application fees apply and you will be required to provide evidence of your qualifications and work experience.


Changing Your Status

If you’re not currently working as a music therapist, you can opt for the Inactive RMT membership option. While registration is cheaper for this category, please be aware you are still required to comply with CPD. 

RMT's who will not be involved in any Music Therapy practice throughout the year must fill in an RMT to Inactive form and send back the Secretariat. 
View RMT - Inactive Application Form

Inactive RMT's who would like to become a Registered Music Therapist must fill in an Inactive to RMT form and send back to the Secretariat. 
View Inactive - RMT Application Form