Update on new online CPD

From Amy Thomas, RMT Chair, CPD:  Thank you to those who are sending such lovely feedback about the new CPD system and on behalf of the CPD committee we’re glad you find it useful. 

Questions about the new online system:  Inevitably with a new system there are some questions as  we all get used to it so can I please remind you there is a frequently asked questions section in the CPD website.  See this screen shot.  (It’s from a fake account set up to show you where the FAQs section is without compromising anyone’s privacy, so that’s why the dates etc are not right.)  Please go there to check to see if your question has already been answered.  If not, then email which comes to me as Chair, CPD and I will respond as soon as I can (usually in an evening or at the weekend).  Or if the question has been asked by a number of people I will post the answer to the FAQs section in the dashboard so everyone can see the response. 

Questions about CPD:  for answers to questions about what activities qualify in which category go to ‘About CPD'

Deadline and locking of accounts:  The deadline for 2016 is 26 April.  Please note that once this deadline is past anyone who is being reviewed this year will have their record locked.  This is so that the reviewers can clearly see what has been uploaded in time for the deadline and can review it accordingly.  If you are not being reviewed in 2016 then your account remains open.  If you are being reviewed in 2016 you will be advised when your account has been unlocked and you can continue to upload information for your next review in two years’ time