How to become an RMT

There are two routes to becoming a Registered Music Therapist:

  • Successfully complete an AMTA accredited tertiary course and then apply for registration.


  • Apply for registration based on an equivalent qualification, probably undertaken overseas.

Accredited tertiary courses

Currently the AMTA accredited tertiary courses are:

University of Melbourne

University of Western Sydney (allied with the Nordoff Robbins Centre)

The University of Melbourne also offers a graduate diploma in guided imagery and music.

Apply for registration or re-registration

Please click here for more information.


Inactive RMT status

For anyone taking a career break and who intends to return to the profession in the future, the Inactive RMT status is a good option. The annual fee is lower, but it is important to note that the CPD requirement remains the same as an active RMT. Learn more


Competency Standards

AMTA has created Competency Standards that all applicant RMTs must meet. They cover 5 units of competency (music skills, psychosocial knowledge, clinical knowledge,music therapy knowledge and music therapy skills).

Downlad the competency standards here