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Our Mission

To enable, advance and advocate for excellence in music therapy on behalf of our members and the community.

About AMTA

The Australian Music Therapy Association was formed in 1975 by a small group of music therapists who recognised that for the profession to progress it needed to have a representative body which also accorded professional standards.

From the vision of that small group was born the AMTA and what is now the Registered Music Therapist status.

An RMT is a music therapist who has completed an accredited tertiary course in music therapy and who then maintains their skills through continuing professional development as approved by AMTA.  Currently music therapy is a Masters qualification at the University of Melbourne (blended learning as well as traditional delivery), and University of Western Sydney (where it is allied with the Nordoff Robbins Centre).  Typically a Masters student’s undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Music, but other undergraduate qualifications are accepted if the individual’s musicianship is sufficiently high.

The association currently has more than 500 members of which 481* are RMTs.  This is a growing profession. 

The AMTA now:

  • Advocates for the value and accessibility of music therapy
  • Manages the Registered Music Therapy accreditation for music therapists who wish to practice in Australia.
  • Accredits university courses to ensure training content and standards are appropriate
  • Stages an annual national conference
  • Provides professional development workshops and events
  • Publishes the peer-reviewed Australian Journal of Music Therapy
  • Provides a job register for employers and members

*Accurate at April 2013